About GAD

about gad

"Faith is not about the belief that you will not fail. Its the belief that you will not give up no matter the out come"

Mr. Gerald Arun Dass, popularly known as Mr. GAD, is a world renowned leader who rules the hearts and minds of his coachees and clients for the past two decades. He has trained, consulted and advised millions of people globally. His sensational ideas and superlative tools have helped ordinary men become extraordinary leaders and global phenomenons. He is a Strategic Scientist, Master Leadership Coach, Business Author, Keynote Speaker, Meditation Master, Advisor to fortune 500 companies, Transformational Coach, Mind Architect, Startup Advisor and Peak Performance Guru. He is a man of simplicity and an epitome of humbleness. His thoughts on spirituality and happy living has transformed the way in which thousands of leaders live their lives and run their organizations.


  • Mr. Gerald Arun Dass has been bestowed with the "Life Time Achievement Award" for his contribution in the field of life coaching in the year 2020 - 21
  • He has also been awarded as Best Business Coach & Transformational Coach of the year 2020-21, which stands a testimony to his quality
  • He has worked, coached & trained 1000+ leaders & CEO's till date
  • He has worked with 100's of top brands across the globe like Audi, MRF, Amazon, L&T, Microsoft, etc
  • Few of his ideas, tools & techniques has today created huge transformation in business and resulted in huge business growth amounting to billions of dollars
  • He is one of the most successful & appreciated key note speaker
  • Today he has partnered up with multiple start-up companies and fueling them towards growth success
  • Apart from his corporate coaching brand, through his personal coaching brand he advices and coaches a lot of leaders & entrepreneurs
  • He is the creator of multiple tools & technique including Corporate Science, Performance Intelligence & Environmental Transformation System

Born and grown up in the temple town of India, he tasted unbelievable achievements from a very young age. Being an award winning orator at just 11 years, President of the National Elocution Club at 13yrs, a trainer at 15yrs and a mind coach at 21yrs, life felt like a bed of roses. But the bubble blanket of appreciations and love was burst when life took an ugly turn. Paving way to life’s cruelty he lost both his parents during his mid-teens and was forced to walk alone at such a confusing age. Instead of sitting down and blaming the fate, he rather increased his pace. The journey of a self-made legend started there. Instead of starting his career as an engineer, he threw away his job offer at Infosys and walked away to become a leader in the field of HR. His search kept growing and landed him in the world’s best pharma & health care consulting company, Pharmexx (Germany) where his success journey continued. At the age of 24, he was a global leader and Board Of Director, making him the youngest global leaders in the company. Having given the best out of every opportunity, he decided to create his own kingdom. But life puts him back to yet another struggle when he went bankrupt as an entrepreneur at just 25 yrs. But his grit and strong determination made him always jump back from any challenge that life threw at him. This time with only him as the investment, he went on to start his own maiden business consulting firm called Shadows Risen.

Living up to the statement “Focus can move mountains”, his focus moved the industry. His start-up created a ripple in the Indian market, and grew very fast to become the most powerful training organization in the country in just a span of three years. His Clientele got more clients, success got him more success and growth brought him more growth. He then went on to become the most influential leadership & mind coach, well known key note speaker, Strategic Scientist, Master Leadership Coach, Business Author, Meditation Master, Advisor to fortune 500 companies, Transformational Coach, Mind Architect, Startup Advisor and Peak Performance Guru. As you are reading this, Mr. GAD is on his mission in creating global phenomenons who are geared up to rule the future of the world. With a strong affinity towards God and his wisdom and knowledge as his biggest assets, the journey of The Legendary Transformational Coach Mr. Gerald Arun Dass continues…