Corporate Learning Solutions


"Success is not about convincing the world.But its all about convincing yourself & your mind"

Business is all about how you act in every moment that life unfolds for you. It’s about taking charge of the present, determining the future, mastering the process and demanding the results. The business gives you amazing opportunities and at the same time equally powerful obstacles. Either chase them down or get chased down. The choice you make should mean your actions. Act. Explore the amazing services we offer to you in the segment of our services. We have reserved the best of what we deliver under this category. It’s not about creating histories. This is about becoming the story of history. Our renowned and refined team of experts have brought before you an intriguing set of proposals and offers. Explore them. Your redefining moment is here.

why us

Our Uniqueness: WE ARE NOT UNIQUE

We are not something new. We do not want to claim that we are unique like any other firms claim out there.

We are fresh, something different than what you’ve experienced ever before. We just offer the best of knowledge and experiences from the world of business. Surgeons can’t be unique. They have to be precise. So are we. We are the surgeons of business. We don’t use readymade solutions or strategies. We sculpt them for you to suit your specific needs.


  • We coach participants through internationally acclaimed case studies
  • We use the world’s most respected tools like corporate sciences to create our program contents
  • Once these contents are developed, the delivery design is made through uniqueness matrix
  • Once the entire content has been determined through corporate sciences and uniqueness matrix, we deliver the programs to the participants through experiential learning methodology
  • The activities and learning from these experiential learning is debriefed to the participants using tools like NLP & NAC. This is where our mind solutions come in handy.


Our Tools – “SUM”

Most of our training programs are based on our tool- “SUM”. SUM stands for “Corporate Sciences”, “Uniqueness Matrix” and “Mind Solutions”. Find below a quick brief of the above mentioned


Corporate Sciences is a property of Gad’s Infinite Leadership. It is a treasury of proven strategies, methodologies and approaches that have created the most successful corporate empires. We have decoded the science behind the victory of all these corporate giants. Through these sciences, we can now recreate those same success stories for any organization.

“Corporate sciences” is a library of thoughts and research. The findings from these corporate sciences form the integral base of all our training programs. Through our partnership with various research forums and international universities, we have gathered this unique collection of proven corporate success formulae.

Few of those sciences are listed below:


The uniqueness matrix is an invention of Gad’s Infinite Leadership. It’s a milestone in the field of L&D. It speaks about the ultimate art of redesigning the human mind and the art of transforming the skills, competencies, characters & beliefs of a person. Through the concepts and strategies of the uniqueness matrix, we help the individuals to do the following:

  • How to be the master of your life
  • Mastering skills & competencies
  • Programming conscious & subconscious mind to greatness
  • Redefining uniqueness


Mind solution programs are a collection of 16 most astonishing psychological techniques. Using the power of these tools, the untapped and hidden potential within an individual can be evoked. These tools will not only redefine the fruits of your future but will resize the promises of your world. Some of these tools are:

  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • NAC – Neuro Associate Conditioning
  • Psychoneuroses Immunology
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Flipnotic Art
  • The subconscious art of leadership
  • The decision making science
    • The power of these three tools forms the very pulse of our programs. All our programs are designed using these tools. Our programs are highly transformational due to the sciences that we use.