GAD Holdings

gad Holdings

"You will die in this world and that is not the disaster. But if you die from the hearts of the people that is...!!!!"

The success journey of Mr. Gerald Arun Dass, took another turn owning 50+ immensely successful start-ups under GAD Holdings, from diverse industries which include companies like Young Gen Leaders, 100 Moons, Done Deals, HR Gurukool, Spacelab, etc. to name a few.

Through our ground breaking ideologies, tools and techniques we have built a massive empire that creates pioneers in unexplored industries As Part of a Mission in Generating 1 Trillion Dollar worth of Chains of Organizations Globally By 2025. The vision behind this phenomenal establishment is to inspire & transform beyond imagination. Through GAD Holdings we create empires that rewrite histories.

GAD holdings also have brand partnership companies that work towards the vision to make unbelievable changes in society by giving enormous knowledge and support which includes people from different ages and backgrounds. These Companies are designed in a way to make human resources more effective and help to perform at their fullest and thus spread true leadership across the globe. Our basic agenda behind these start-ups are simple – Creating a breed of extraordinary leaders across the globe that redefine and refine leadership realities.