Our Coreteam

our coreteam

"Exceptional leaders aren't born special, rather they are the ones who deny to believe that you have to be born special to do something exceptional"

We believe in a work environment that is stimulating, creative, and open and is based on teamwork, mutual trust and fairness for all. Our unique culture supports open dialogue, candid feedback, and enduring relationships. We treat each other with dignity and respect, as human beings first, professionals second. We articulate our pride in our culture, our history, and our programs by saying that GIL is the place to be. A vibrant, democratic and open culture has made our unparalleled team deliver their best performance. We are a line above the rest.


Our team of experts dedicatedly works on spreading our mission across the globe. They indulge in promoting our brand through extraordinary and unique ideas and platforms, serving as a guide to understanding the purpose of our organizational objectives and enabling us to align with the same. It is our panel of experts that find glory in connecting our audience across the globe by providing communication through multiple channels. It takes the brand GIL across the globe to every lane independent of the possibilities.


Every single consultant in our team is handpicked, trained, put to multiple tests and refined through challenges & tight corner situations. Our team trains the CEOs and top management to deliver at greater velocity and in more ambiguous contexts than ever before. Streamlining processes, leveraging resources, pivoting outputs, and strengthening vital competencies are what our corporate training team concentrates on in our clients. Skilled, Competent, Multi- talented, Diversified, Unique, Experienced, Expertized, Composed, Knowledgeable & Exceptional – these words are not sufficient to explain us.


Our training team extends to a team of specialists that concentrates on our open market clients. They extend coaching and training support to a vast number of clients across the globe. They indulge in bringing out the best of you by providing customized one on one learning sessions on the most prominent aspects of communication, Language, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Presence, behavioural science, etc. that enhance your personality by routing the learnings in-depth into your mind. We not only teach but we watch you excelling by implementing it in your day-to-day life for unaccountable achievements.


Our exclusive business start-up management team never fails to come up with New and Never known ideas, which sets new trends in the global market. Such created 200+ successful start-ups are a feather in our cap. Our start-ups are not unique fantabulous ideas alone, these ideas give Life to your hidden passion and interest. Yes, Our Team of Experts creates a massive Transformative Purpose of your interest so that success will accompany your purpose and passion. We create personalized and unique business ideas and also extend our help in launching them.


Our iconic events team conducts astonishing events for inculcating the knowledge of leadership in corporates and the common market. Our team outshines itself by conducting events all over the country by extending personalized assistance, extraordinary support and noteworthy experience. Our events are celebrations for millions out there for finding their purpose and passion. Friendly, creative and diligent are the expected oneness from GIL’s events team.


Business finance goes well beyond processing transactions and updating your accounting books. Our finance team helps sees beyond data providing intelligent information for strategic decision-making. There’s no substitute for the wisdom that our financial acumen brings to the table. Having a reliable team in place could mean the difference between business acceleration and an off-course crash and we have it right.