Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Welcome to the world’s most Incredible and Extraordinary Journey of “Becoming an Inspirational Leader", where the world’s Greatest Leaders are created by the Legendary Transformational coach Mr. F. Gerald Arun Dass. This is a grandeur signature program of Mr. GAD where Learning and Transformation happen right through the sessions. This program has many Interesting and Exciting factors packed into the day.
The unbelievable journey of 7 weeks will be filled with moments of awesomeness, surprising truth about leadership, discoveries that would shock you and outstanding insights that will enable personal transformation.

Five awesome highlights of the extraordinary program:

  • Identify your billionaire brand - Discover your passion & purpose
  • The extraordinary orator - Ignite hearts of people
  • Master influencer - Winning hearts & winning minds, an ultimate tool to influence people.
  • Design your inspirational life -System & routines of world class leaders
  • Follow your intuitions - Awaken your subconscious mind & discover your infinite wealth.


In this high intensity program you'll know how to decode the secret mantras of successful leaders and increase your revenue by 150% in just few months by adopting success systems.
The agenda of this free introductory session includes,

  • 1. The art of Subconscious Leadership - The Power of Subconscious leadership is undeniably the best secret weapon of leadership used by the most successful leaders across the globe. We give you the unique chance to learn the secret mantras of powerful leadership. Become a part of this accelerating journey and get to see the grandeur version of yourself. Now it is time to learn from the master of leadership. It’s time to unleash your potential.
    -- What is subconscious leadership?
    -- Understanding the dynamics of subconscious leadership!!!
  • The 3 unique extraordinary mantras of the world’s most successful leaders. Harness the first mantra of subconscious leadership
  • Mastering these patterns to create results in your life
    • It is an awakening journey to learn the power of subconscious leadership, break all the odds and move forward to reach the greatest heights of your lives. And guide you to indoctrinate these patterns followed by great leaders to transform your life exceptionally.

Becoming limitless is an elite program designed by Mr. GAD. Starting from his learning partnerships with Harvard to Yale, to his inventions – “Performance Intelligence”, Corporate Sciences” and “ Uniqueness Matrix” , he has set new benchmarks in the L&D industry, redefining the way leaders are built.

Through this groundbreaking program, grow exceptionally in your career, build billion dollar business empires and find your success path and become successful in whatsoever it is. Here you shall break your limiting beliefs by unchaining the obstacles holding you back.


The whole journey is going to be filled with abundance of learning, knowledge, wisdom & unlimited transformations. Get ready to unleash the success principles, magnanimous tools, astounding techniques, sensational stories, miraculous meditations & many more unique learnings that will make the impossible possible, bend realities & Become Legendary and touch the pinnacles of success...

Expand your horizons and grow beyond your imagination by,

  • Learning the secrets to master & manifest success into your life.
  • Mastering the proven science to create compelling future.
  • Designing your personal growth chart: your ultimate personalized strategy to success
  • 3 sessions of personalized advice from the legendary leadership coach, Mr. GAD.
  • 3 months of massive transformation: planned activities, continuous handholding &definite results.
  • Discovering the undisclosed contents: ultimate leadership framework & success models from world’s richest leaders
  • Residential program: 3 days of self - discovering residential program in exotic locations.