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Welcome to the world of GAD’s transformations

A world of hope, possibilities and miracles where we enlighten you to open the doors to infinite abundance and new possibilities paving your way to a grander future. For the last 1 decade, we have been creating new possibilities in the life of people and organizations by shifting their thought & skill dimensions.

Having transformed the future of thousands of people and hundreds of organizations across tens of countries for the last decade, we have set ourselves on a journey to enhance the life of 100 Million People globally in the next 10 years.

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about gad

Mr. Gerald Arun Dass, popularly known as Mr. GAD, is a world-renowned leader who rules the hearts and minds of his coachees and clients for the past two decades. He has trained, consulted and advised millions of people globally. His sensational ideas and superlative tools have helped ordinary men become extraordinary leaders and global phenomena. He is a Strategic Scientist, Master Leadership Coach, Business Author, Keynote Speaker, Meditation Master, and Advisor to Fortune 500 companies, Transformational Coach, Mind Architect, Start-up Advisor and Peak Performance Guru. He is a man of simplicity and an epitome of humbleness. His thoughts on spirituality and happy living have transformed the way in which thousands of leaders live their lives and run their organizations.

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#1 Leadership Coaching Firm In Asia
500+ Clients Across The Globe
Best Life Coaching Company in india
10 Years Of Exceptional Presence
10000+ Success stories


unleash your potential

#1 Leadership Coaching Firm In Asia
500+ Clients Across The Globe
Best Life Coaching Company Of The Year
10 Years Of Exceptional Presence
10000+ Success Stories
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testimonials from leaders

Dr. Jayanth Murali IPS
DGP - Tamilnadu

When I saw him for the first time, the enthusiasm bubbling in him made me realize he is another Tony Robins in the making and he will raise beyond him. The money that you invest for Mr. GAD’s program are the most valuable investment that you can make. He is an awesome person. He has proved himself in making people & organizations successful. He is a rock star. Once you are out of his program, you no longer will be the same person, you will taste a greater transformation.

Mr. Dheenadhayalan
Business Head
Energy Division at Fuji Electric India

Prof. Gerald is one of the best coaches I have ever met in my life. More than a coach, over a period of time he becomes your friend. I thank him for bringing out that exceptional greatness out of me. Anyone who wishes to see the best out of themselves, I strongly advise them to spend that quality time with Prof. Gerald. If there is someone who could change life and that is him.

Dr. Patrick Ranjit
Head Human Resource, Hinduja Foundries

Mr. GAD is not only a mentor but also a great leader who can lead by example. His programs are extraordinary & the mind games are highly effective. A day with him in his program makes you realize the true potential within you. Thank you Mr. GAD for the extraordinary programs, that you keep giving to Hinduja Foundries thus helping us move ahead as a successful team.

Mr. Paul Richard

The guidance & coaching given by Mr. GAD made me feel astonished. His level of knowledge and wisdom into various aspects always stunts me. He is an extraordinary coach & mentor. He transformed my entire belief system both personally & professionally. I have seen a new me after I met him. His programs are thought-provoking, you can’t stop yourself from seeing the world in a new perspective.

Mr. Sriram Ramakrishnan
Business Head- Reliance Industries Ltd

MR. GAD is globally the best. His programs makes big difference in the journey of your life. He moves every leader to their peak best...!!! Don’t you want to see your peak..???

Ms. Uma Rao

It has been a great pleasure to work with Gerald for the last couple of years. We worked with him on large scale interventions like, “Enhancing the Skills & Productivity” of our service staffs, “Driving Customer Centricity" in sales teams”, “Sales Excellence with our LCV team” and many other niche group interventions with our business managers. We have seen substantial changes and results in our employees at work after having been trained by Prof. Gerald. This has had a direct impact on productivity and returns. I wish Gerald all the great success and the very best.


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