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Minimum Cost starts from Rs.4999

Annual Plan: If you have chosen the Annual Subscription program, your full payment at the price as then offered by GLF is due after the expiration of the free trial period provided at the time of enrolment. Any Renewal Term will be charged to your payment method on file at the time of such renewal, unless you have cancelled your Annual Subscription per paragraph 2 above. There will be no refunds to the Annual Plan after the expiration of the free-trial period.

Upgrade: At its sole discretion, GLF may offer an upgrade package to Program for an additional cost to you. You will not be obligated to purchase any upgrade to continue with your program, but if such upgrade is offered by GLF, then it will contain bonus content not offered to the general program participants.


Default: If you do not pay your tuition by the agreed-upon payment terms, then you will be considered in default of your program, and GLF will have the right, to terminate your subscription, and upon such termination, you will no longer have access to the Training Platform, and you will also lose access to the premium content on the Arena App.

No refund shall be given to any participant who is registering and being a part of our programs.

Discount Verification: Discounts (if any) from any of the Subscription Plans offered for the Program are subject to verification of eligibility of the discount by GLF. If after making this purchase, GLF determines that you do not meet the eligibility qualifications for the discount offered, your Subscription Plan will revert to the full price of the Subscription Plan chosen as stated at the time of your purchase.